Billing Made Easy

Are you tired of chasing clients who don’t pay their premium or are consistently late each and every month? Stop spending your valuable time worrying about collecting premium payments. Our direct bill payment book account is the solution to writing profitable single owner operator business!

  • No finance charges!
  • TI handles payment processing, cancellations and reinstatements.
  • Standardized rates for in-house quoting and quick sales.
  • Bind coverage instantly with transmission of the signed application and online down payment.
  • Insured’s track payments and pay online with their certificate number conveniently printed on each payment slip.
  • Automatic debit available for easy monthly payments.
  • Common expiration date for each owner operator under the account for efficient group renewal.
  • YOU have more time to market and sell!
Contact our Sales & Marketing Department at ext. 250 to negotiate rates and commissions for your agency today! Your agency will be sent a proposal to set up your payment book account.